Laboratory of Computational Mathematics, Mathematical Software and Digital Typography

Department of Mathematics, University of the Aegean

The Department of Mathematics of the University of the Aegean has established a new laboratory on Computational Mathematics, Mathematical Software and Digital Typography.

The aim of this laboratory is, among other things, the support of the scinetific community on issues related to
Digital Typography and Mathematical Applications.

Other objectives of the laboratory are (among others)

System Architecture of Pythagoras

The high performance computing cluster named Pythagoras located in the Department of Mathematics of the Aegean University is actually a Beowulf cluster. It consists of thirty two (32) processor cores available for computations distributed in five (5) computing nodes and four (4) cores for managing the computing cluster (front-end node). The five computing nodes and the front-end are interconnected through a GE switch which will be upgraded into 10GE switch by the end of 2012 (funded by European NSRF). The operational environment of Pythagoras is the Rocks Cluster Distribution (its development is supported by NSF of USA) on the CentOS Linux distribution. The used job scheduler is the Sun Grid Engine.
Both the OpenMP (Open Multi-Processing) programming model for Shared Memory Programming and the MPI (Message Passing Interface) Programming model for Distributed Programming are supported for the develpoment of parallel and distributed algorithms and applications.

[1] Panagiotis Nastou and Yiannis Stamatiou, "A Distributed, Parametric Platform for Constructing Secure SBoxes in Block Cipher Designs", T.-h. Kim et al. (Eds.): SecTech 2011, CCIS 259, pp. 155-166, 2011. c Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011
Related Projects
[1] HellasHPC, National Network of Excellence in High-Performance Computing, European Roadmap for Research Infrastructures, by ESFRI-European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures. Thirty five Greek research and academic institutions participated in this project (2010-2011). The department of Mathematics participated in the recording of high performance application requirements in hardware and software resources.


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