Laboratory of Computational Mathematics, Mathematical Software and Digital Typography

Department of Mathematics, University of the Aegean

The Department of Mathematics of the University of the Aegean has established a new laboratory on Digital Typography and Mathematical

The aim of this laboratory is, among other things, the support of the scinetific community on issues related to
Digital Typography and Mathematical Applications.

Other objectives of the laboratory are (among others)


Part of our activities is the support of the Greek language with respect to the TeX typesetting system and it's derivatives.

After the support for Greek was added by A. Syropoulos and the first complete Greek Metafont font was presented by Claudio Beccari there was an obvious need, to be able to use a scalable Greek font with LaTeX. With this in mind, we developed the first Greek fontfamily in Type1 format with complete LaTeX support, called "Kerkis". We wanted not only to present a new font for Greek but also to gain the needed know-how and also to create all the needed files for LaTeX support of Greek fonts based on Unicode standard.

The Kerkis font family

Download the Kerkis font family (Kerkis might already be included in your TeX installation).

The decision of the Greek Font Society to release their fonts as a free download gives us the possibility (using the knowledge and the work we did for Kerkis) to present quality Greek fonts to the International TeX community. (The aim of the laboratory is not only to develop support for fonts and TeX, although due to great shortage of quality Greek fonts for TeX this remains our first priority.)

Fonts from the Greek Font Society

Thus, in cooperation with the Greek Font Society we provide and support their fonts for use with the TeX typesetting system (LaTeX macros).

Download the fonts

    GFSDidot-GFSOlga  (version 1.01, 28/November/2017)

GFSDidot Classic (in preparation)

    GFSBodoni  (version 1.02, 23/May/2007)

    GFSBodoni Classic
(in preparation)

    GFSNeoHellenic  (version 1.02, 2/August/2006)

    GFSPorson  (version 1.01, 2/August/2006)

    GFS Artemisia (version 1.01, 04/December/2006).

    GFS Theokritos
(in preparation)

    GFS Elpis (in preparation).

    GFS Complutum
(version 1.0, 2/April/2007)

    GFS Baskerville (25 December 2007)

    GFS Solomos
(17 May 2007)

Open source fonts from Magenta

Magenta has donated some of its fonts to open source. These fonts can be found here. We plan to release these for for use with LaTeX.


Since it was necessary to modify, extent and improve this font, following the license of the MgOpen fonts we renamed our derivative work. Notice that this fonts is based on the Optima designs by HermannZapf. For copyright reasons we named the fonts to Epigrafica.
Also, because of the extensive changes we give this font for screens too (X-windows , MS-Windows, MacOsX).

Epigrafica-for-LaTeX, version 1.01, 7/March/2007.
Epigrafica for Screens, version 1.01, 7/March/2007.
Epigrafica-sources, version 1.01, 7/March/2007.

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