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Digital Typography using LaTeX


A. Syropoulos, A. Tsolomitis, and N. Sofroniou

Published by Springer Verlag

The TeX and LaTeX typesetting systems have become the de facto standard for preparing complex technical documents in print and electronic form.

"Digital Typography Using LaTeX" collects together the most frequently required 'how to' information and tools. The book describes recent developments in multilingual typesetting using TeX that make it easy for users to prepare documents in their own languages and alphabets. In addition, it demonstrates how to develop a single document for use in camera-ready copy, World Wide Web pages, and portable electronic documents.

Topics & features:

* An 'all in one,' comprehensive introduction to TeX and LaTeX, suitable for both those new to, and experienced with, the TeX software program

* Provides detailed description of TeX's and LaTeX's new multilingual features, as well as how to combine languages into a single document

* Provides details for obtaining and installing popular versions of LaTeX and necessary utility programs and tools

* The CD-ROM includes extensive utility programs, tools, and demonstrations presented in the book
Important! The software contained on the CD-ROM is mostly free software; for more information, please read the LICENSE file on the CD-ROM

* Covers areas of advanced typography, such as the addition of Postscript or TrueType fonts to a LaTeX installation, and how to work with graphic images

* Describes advanced typesetting systems, including Omega, Lambda, pdfLaTeX, and epsilon-LaTeX

All scientists, engineers, and technical professionals who use LaTeX will find this volume a rich source of methods and tools for their desktop publishing needs.

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