Laboratory of Free Software and Digital Typography

Department of Mathematics, University of the Aegean


The aim of this laboratory is, among other things, the support of the scientific community on issues related to Free Software and Digital Typography.

Other objectives of the laboratory are (among others)
  • to provide technical support for research in the department,
  • to support the teaching through publication of relative material (printed or in electronic form)
  • the development and the aquisition of know-how on issues relative to a Department of Mathematics
  • the development of mathematical software and the support of open standards in the academic community
  • the research in the history of typography with emphasis on Mathematics (as it developed in Greece and elsewhere).
Projects & Services

The most comprehensive dicrionary of the Ancient Greek Language available online.
Liddell-Scott-Konstantinides Dictionary
                          of Ancient Greek
One of the first (probably the first) Matrix servers in Greece (22/02/2020).
Connect to the Federation of Matrix Servers for chat, video calls, voice calls and teleconference with full encryption enabled. Local accounts available for University users (
Matrix Server

Live maps for vessels traveling to the University of the Aegean islands and sea condition.
Vessel Finder
Digitized books

TeX packages by Charalambos Kornaros

More Software can be found here

Cooperation Protocols

Protocol for cooperation with
Laboratory of Papyrology and Paleography
Department of Greek Literature, Democritus University of Thrace